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Here are some things that can help you get your financial information ready for your tax preparation.

As with any tool, they are best used with knowledge, so please contact Diane Monaghan, CPA for additional assistance.

Individual Tax Organizer


This is a convenient and short organizer to help you track most of the things dMCPA will need to prepare your individual 1040 tax return.

Small Business Tax Organizer


While an updated and complete Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet from your financial software is an excellent recap of the Business activities in the year, not everyone has that. This organizer can help you record your income and expenses for your business, as well as your business mileage and home office expenses.

Rental Property Organizer


Do you rent out a second home? A lock off unit? Or a vacation property? This organizer helps you put most of the information needed to correctly report this activity on your tax returns

Non-Cash Donation Guide


DId you donate something other than money? This guide will help you assign a value to the goods you donated.

Consent Form


Your privacy is important. If you want your tax information shared with a third party, your consent is needed. This form will gather the information needed to accomplish that.

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