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Income Tax, Sales Tax, Use Tax, Occupational Privilege Tax … the list of taxes goes on and on. More than likely you know a bit about the tax regulations that directly impact you, but you wouldn’t consider yourself the expert in taxes nor do you want to be. Knowing and understanding the rules and how they apply to your specific situation is the key to reducing the amount of tax you pay. I am committed to asking the right questions to correctly apply the tax rules apply to your past, and to guiding you in the future to make good decisions that will legally reduce your tax obligations. Let Diane be your tax expert, and be confident that you are paying only the taxes that you need to pay, no more.




It can be time consuming to keep up with the recordkeeping for a business. Tracking bills, recording sales, correctly categorizing expenses and purchases, reconciling bank accounts and credit cards: these are all important in order to understand the health of your business and to make good decisions. Sometimes, you need a bit of help to keep your records up to date and accurate. Whether you need a full service bookkeeper, or just a consultant on setting up your system and how to handle transactions, dMCPA can help. I will work with you to find the right solution for you to help you spend less of your time on your books and more of your time on your business.


You worked hard to find the right people to hire. Now spend your time growing your business and developing your employees rather than filing forms and calculating taxes for payroll. My payroll service will minimize the amount of time you have to spend on paying your people. We use direct deposit to eliminate the extra effort of writing and managing distribution of paychecks, take care of filing all of your monthly, quarterly and yearly forms related to payroll, and even provide a simple reminder when you need to enter hours worked so that you can focus on your people, not on your forms.

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